LOTD # 89


Hair: [Alice Project] – Demonia – Infinity

Skin: [tSg] – Baby -no bust- A tone -dark brows- T

Eyes:  [tSg] – “tSg” Realize Eyes Pink

Eyeshadow: [:LP:]Razored


Lashes:  [CaTwA] – 3D NoAlpha Lashes #2 Pack

Breasts: [Lolas] – Push-Up 2.5

Breast Skin: [BGTT] – Tone A




Dress:  [Cynful] Aphrodisia Dress – Black – TBS @ The Boobies Show

The Boobies Show Opens Tomorrow NOV. 25

Stockings:[Graves]  Latex Stockings from G179 Crossfire outfit




Collar: [TheAbyss] FM_Choker_Combo v.1

Mask: [A&Y] Cyber Gas Mask Inferno

Facial Piercing & Neck Tattoo:[.HoD.] Gods & Monsters Piercing And Makeup Set

Under Eye Piercing: [Puncture] – Anti-Eyebrow –Studs

Breast Tattoo: [tSg] Titty Tattoo- Red Lips

Gloves:[Razorblade Jacket] Wide Net Glove / Black

Cuffs: [:::insanya:::] Cuffs – Captive Pack

Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] KITTY GALORE Sharp Claws

Belt: [TheAbyss]-NAU_Combat_Belt

Boots: [A&Y] Deuz Boots Metallic – Black

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